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Tasty and POPular

Been to Applebees lately? At Applebees locations in North America, starting yesterday, you’ll get a free Poptropica activity booklet (which looks similar to the ones you’d normally get at a restaurant like Applebees).  Puzzles, games, activities, and much more!

Dining out with your family just got more fun! And look at our favorite Poptropicans on the cover! Mmm… Time to go to Applebees…

And a reminder!

Vampire Cruise Island is coming out on THURSDAY! Members can get to play the whole things, non members get to play a demo.


Garlic + Gum + Vampire = Gear Pack

Can’t wait for Vampire Cruise island? Well, if you’re a member.. today’s your luck! The Vampire Cruise member gear pack is now in store, and you better hurry! Doesn’t this look awesome?

Now, I’m not a member so I have NO IDEA what the Garlic Breath and Vampire Bat Gum does 😦 But if anyone can provide pictures of them, that would be awesome! But better hurry members, the gear pack won’t be here for long. Get it while it lasts.

In other news, the map format changed!

It shows the most recent released islands, to see the rest just click on the scroll. Pretty cool, eh? Much more cleaner, too. Do you like the cleaner map, or did you prefer the big map? Share your opinions in the comments!

Update from LS:

Garlic Breath– You can hold garlic, while your breath is… green.

Vampire Bat Gum- You can chew gum, and when it pops, you have bats.

Vampire Count- A costume with the fabulous, vampire.

Swimming In The Deep

If you’ve completed the bonus quest on S.O.S. Island, you have received the Diving Suit, which allows you to go under water for a longer amount of time. But did you know that it also works if you replay the island? You’ll have way more oxygen and can explore more depths underwater than you could before. Seems like this suit is very universal.

Also, we must notify you that if you go to the Poptropica homepage, there’s a countdown to the release of Vampire Curse island – for members. Judging by the trailer, this is going to be one spooky island. I’m very glad to see that this generation is exposed to what vampires really are – unlike the Cullens.


Which island guide should we do next? Big Nate or Shrink Ray?

In The Pictures

The Poptropica Creators are yet working on a brand new feature that they’re sure will satisfy us. From what we know by studying the picture they gave us, a close-up snapshot of the robotic animals from Astro Knights and a girl frightened in their presence. From what we could infer is that it involves taking a picture of a scene. Maybe a little photo-maker in which you could pick a background, add some characters and your Poptropican in the emotion that you choose – with a caption as well.

Whatever this feature might turn out to be, the Creators tell us we should expect its release soonish.

Scars, Bows and Garlic

If there’s one thing everyone knows about vampires, it’s that they do not like garlic. A hint that this man isn’t a friend to vampires is his bow, hinting that he’s a hunter; the garlic on his hat, hinting that he doesn’t like vampires; and a scar, meaning either he had an experience   or he’s just tough because all tough guys have a scar on that exact same spot.

Whatever this man’s role may be, his name is Cactus Van Garlic. Chances are you’ve just made a new friend on Vampire’s Curse, or maybe a competitor. Who knows for now?

Off to Truffula Valley!

The creators of Poptropica released a very colorful ad this week, sponsoring the new movie The Lorax due March 2nd. This energetic and bright ad could be found on Game Show Island’s Main Street, best found for Poptropicans aged 8. No doubt that this won’t keep you occupied for a good 10 minutes, and it’s worth the awards once you finish.

For those in need of help, fellow author Loud Shark made a video walk-through.

Be careful out there! Everything’s not as innocent as it seems!


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