In The Pictures

The Poptropica Creators are yet working on a brand new feature that they’re sure will satisfy us. From what we know by studying the picture they gave us, a close-up snapshot of the robotic animals from Astro Knights and a girl frightened in their presence. From what we could infer is that it involves taking a picture of a scene. Maybe a little photo-maker in which you could pick a background, add some characters and your Poptropican in the emotion that you choose – with a caption as well.

Whatever this feature might turn out to be, the Creators tell us we should expect its release soonish.


About MT

Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

3 responses to “In The Pictures”

  1. Kat says :

    Cool :O

  2. Silver Moon says :

    Interesting, have to see how this pans out first though. Screen caps aren’t that difficult.

  3. Super Thunder Ain't Logging' In says :

    Soonish is better than never, right?

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