Garlic + Gum + Vampire = Gear Pack

Can’t wait for Vampire Cruise island? Well, if you’re a member.. today’s your luck! The Vampire Cruise member gear pack is now in store, and you better hurry! Doesn’t this look awesome?

Now, I’m not a member so I have NO IDEA what the Garlic Breath and Vampire Bat Gum does 😦 But if anyone can provide pictures of them, that would be awesome! But better hurry members, the gear pack won’t be here for long. Get it while it lasts.

In other news, the map format changed!

It shows the most recent released islands, to see the rest just click on the scroll. Pretty cool, eh? Much more cleaner, too. Do you like the cleaner map, or did you prefer the big map? Share your opinions in the comments!

Update from LS:

Garlic Breath– You can hold garlic, while your breath is… green.

Vampire Bat Gum- You can chew gum, and when it pops, you have bats.

Vampire Count- A costume with the fabulous, vampire.


2 responses to “Garlic + Gum + Vampire = Gear Pack”

  1. Shaggy Tornado says :

    It looks better mashed up.

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