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New author!

Hey, guys! I’m the new author here, Leo, or, Fierce Wolf/FT – my Poptropican’s name. Thanks so much to MT who let me join after I forced him to send the request to me.

A little about me: I’ve been playing Poptropica since it first came out. I also play Wizard101, Fusionfall, Toontown, and Transformice. I’m in middle school, and I’m about to enter the 8th grade. I’m a 12 year old boy, but I turn 13 on July 14, which is in a few days 😀 ! My family is Colombian. I live in the south area of the United States, near Mexico. I’m an atheist (A person who does not believe in the existence of God or gods)  and I am bisexual (Attracted to both genders). I read Homestuck – an online webcomic. Most of the authors here know what it is 😛 . My favorite book series is Harry Potter – it’s really great. My favorite TV show is Doctor Who – a British TV show about a time traveling humanoid alien. My favorite movie is The Avengers – they are the greatest superheroes in all existence. My favorite artists are ONE DIRECTION. I LOVE THEM ALL WITH A BURNING PASSION, ESPECIALLY LIAM JAMES PAYNE. ❤

Here’s a picture of my Poptropican:


Baby, You’re a Firework

With Independence Day arriving next week, there’s no better way to celebrate next week than with some Fireworks!

For only 250 credits, you could be decorating the sky with American cheer … or just fireworks.

Ice Age: Continental Drift AD

If you’ve been on Poptropica lately, you may have seen a more uniquely placed AD on the Map of a little iceberg promoting the newest sequel to the Ice Age series, Continental Drift. And to add more to the uniqueness, the AD is actually like a mini island with places you can go, containing trailers and downloadables. Pretty nice. Let’s play.

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Crash The Ship

When I logged into Poptropica to complete Great Pumpkin Island (don’t judge me), a very interesting picture was found in the Daily Pop Sneak Peeks. It featured a skeleton dressed in a captain’s uniform sitting at a table on, what seems to be, a dismantled ship and on the bottom were crabs swimming around in the sea with boats in the background.

 However, there’s already a pirate-themed island (Skullduggery). This may have been some older background art, or you may see some more pirates in the future.

The Next Van Gogh

Today, the Creators revealed some lovely fan art that they’ve received showing a Best Shark Contest & it’s not bad.

I’d like to thank the little people.

Not exactly a shocker that Shark Boy won. I mean, he is everyone’s favorite shark, right? During his acceptance speech, he stated “I’d like to thank the little people.” Thanks for representing us! Although, I do feel pretty bad for Hammerhead Shark. Even her fish buddy looks sad. And it also looks as if somebody needs a chill pill. You always have next year, guys.

Who’s On Top?

After a four months hiatus and with the arrival of Summer, LegitPop can get off on a fresh track! The recently released island, Poptropolis Games, features a variety of tribes. However, the Poptropica Creators were curious on which one the majority of Poptropicans favored.. and that happened to be – the Nanobots!

Congratulations, all Nanobots out there! .. *cough* Though Nightcrawlers are obviously superior.