Ice Age: Continental Drift AD

If you’ve been on Poptropica lately, you may have seen a more uniquely placed AD on the Map of a little iceberg promoting the newest sequel to the Ice Age series, Continental Drift. And to add more to the uniqueness, the AD is actually like a mini island with places you can go, containing trailers and downloadables. Pretty nice. Let’s play.

I. The Notifier: As soon as you arrive, you can jump down and click on a sign advertising the notifier.  The notifier is basically a button (that will be placed on the left of your backpack button) which notifies you about new quests and provides information about the movie such as character bios, trailers and daily-changed facts.

II. Escape From Captain Gutt: If you go to the left passing the sign stating “SAIL”, Captain Gutt will dare you to travel the waters. In this particular game, you’re on a ship sailing the seas to get to your safe point, but you have to dodge obstacles such as the sea monster crab things, the icebergs, and Captain Gutt’s ship that will cannon you with so many snowballs, you’d practically feel the snow. (I’m sort of overexaggerating, but they will pelt you.) Follow the compus on the bottom left, which will lead you to your safe point (and don’t worry, Captain Gutt’s wide ship can’t fit through those walls 😛 ). When you’ve completed your quest, you’re rewarded with a Dodo Follower, a Dodo that .. follows you around, and a Badger Pirate Flag, which will plant flags where you’d like with the simple press of the spacebar.

III. Granny’s Bath:  Going left passing the sign that says “SAIL”, Captain Gutt will dare you to traverse the waters. In this game, Granny is taking a bath. But you need to collect fish before her filth scares off the sea creatures. Go down in the water and swim on the right. Collect six fish one by one and swim back up to the surface and put them in the basket. When you’ve completed your quest, you’re rewarded with a Diego Costume and a Giant Crab Power, which admits a giant crab in the middle of your screen.

IV. Dance with Sid: Go to the right, passing the sign which states “LAND”, past the ScrArcade and meet up with Sid on the right. Sid will tell a story of how he needs to warn the Hyraxes, but they can’t understand him and the only way to communicate is through dance. The game is like Simon Says.   Every dance move that Sid demonstrates, you have to interact with the A, S, D and F keys on your keyboard. After doing the the finishing dance move he instructs, you are rewarded with a Sid Costume and an Acorn Costume.

V. ScrArcade: When you first arrive on Land, you’ll notice a ScrArcade building. At the moment, this place contains videos and downloadable wallpapers. The coming soon screens are going to be filled with games. The only game so far is Cap’n Gutt’s Snowball Fight.


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