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Through Space and Time

Ooh, a space-themed island maybe? From the looks of today’s DailyPop entry, we might need to start putting on our helmets and zipping up our space suits some time soon! I’m guessing that we’ll probably be joining and possibly going on a mission for PASE, which means Poptropica Academy for Space Exploration. Hopefully the creators will be releasing this mysterious new island sometime in the near future!



So hi! I’m Jordan, some know me as Kitty. But, you can call me either or. Um, I’m 13 (gotta get used to saying that ^ u ^). I love Nicki Minaj. My husband is Niall Horan, so back up off of him ladies. Oh yah and I’m fabulous, don’t hate. I’ll be trying to post a little every now and then, but if i don’t I’m sorry.

So I guess that’s all! There’s so much more about myself that I could include, but this isn’t a tell-all. Sorry that this post is short, but I’m not very good at writing lengthy things. If you need me for any reason, you can catch me at the PHC or Legit Pop Chat.

Well, I believe this post is coming to a close. I’ll see ya next post. Peace, Love, and Twerking!