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Lunar Colony Coming Soon! And Wimpy Boardwalk Out For All

It’s official! There is a space island coming soon called Lunar Colony. Judging from the video, it looks like Captain Gordon’s rocket is hit by an asteroid! It seems that you will have to go up and help him get back down to Earth. All these daily pop pictures that were teasing us were right! More details will be released soon. (Sorry for the late post!)

Anyway, Wimpy Boardwalk is released to all! Head on over non members. And be sure to use LegitPop’s very own guide ūüėČ which can be found here.

Tell us in the comments what YOU think the new island will be about. Also, I personally love the music for the newer islands.


Head On Back!

Is there ever a bad time for pandas?

A while ago, the creators released an island called Red Dragon. It was a Magic Tree House themed island. If you haven’t played yet, what are you waiting for? It’s very fun and you get to become a ninja! ¬†Anyway, they have updated Magic Tree House store with the newest installments of the Magic Tree House series! You can find¬†A Perfect Time for Pandas, and¬†Pandas and Other Endangered Species. Head on over for the a scoop of the newest books!

Daily Pop! 7/2

Let’s add a little slapback delay

This looks similar to another picture on Daily Pop! It looks like this is edited. What do you think this is? The creators like to tease us. To me, the photo looks like a robot with his hands on a big computer screen. I don’t know why, but it reminds me of music. BMP = Beat per minute. A kick pad. Snare drums. A hithat is something on the drum. I’m not sure what clap has to do with it though. Maybe this island will be about music?

Vampire Curse Island is now out!

Yep. Members play now! However, non members are offered a demo. Head on over to Poptropica to play! The island looks pretty cool, medieval  times perhaps? Everyone is worried for Katya and Christopher Рtwo lovesick teens that went missing. Also, the creators were super nice and gave us a nice wallpaper!

Second, an awesome printable Poptropica poster! Click here to download it.

Garlic + Gum + Vampire = Gear Pack

Can’t wait for Vampire Cruise island? Well, if you’re a member.. today’s your luck! The Vampire Cruise member gear pack is now in store, and you better hurry! Doesn’t this look awesome?

Now, I’m not a member so I have NO IDEA what the Garlic Breath and Vampire Bat Gum does ūüė¶ But if anyone can provide pictures of them, that would be awesome! But better hurry members, the gear pack won’t be here for long. Get it while it lasts.

In other news, the map format changed!

It shows the most recent released islands, to see the rest just click on the scroll. Pretty cool, eh? Much more cleaner, too. Do you like the cleaner map, or did you prefer the big map? Share your opinions in the comments!

Update from LS:

Garlic Breath– You can hold garlic, while your breath is… green.

Vampire Bat Gum- You can chew gum, and when it pops, you have bats.

Vampire Count- A costume with the fabulous, vampire.