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Head On Back!

Is there ever a bad time for pandas?

A while ago, the creators released an island called Red Dragon. It was a Magic Tree House themed island. If you haven’t played yet, what are you waiting for? It’s very fun and you get to become a ninja!  Anyway, they have updated Magic Tree House store with the newest installments of the Magic Tree House series! You can find A Perfect Time for Pandas, and Pandas and Other Endangered Species. Head on over for the a scoop of the newest books!


28 medallions later…

“Wimpy Boardwalk is our 28th Island on Poptropica, and that means the challenge is on to earn all 28 Medallions. Not many Poptropicans have been able to pull it off so far, but those who have are able to show it off on their profile page.”

Well, I certainly haven’t finished all 28 islands. I recently re-made my account and I’m starting from scratch. I haven’t even completed all 28 islands on my old account! What about you? Have you completed all of the islands yet? Which one do you think was the hardest? The easiest? Leave your responses below!

He took it all too far…

He took it all too far...

This photo was posted today, 7/2, on the PCB. The following was the caption of the photo:

“Who is Zaggy Moondust? And what’s he got to do with Poptropica? Perhaps one day we will find out.”

Zaggy looks like some sort of Rock musician – perhaps coinciding with the pictures being posted on the Daily Pop! I really think that the next island (after Wimpy Boardwalk) is going to be music-themed. Perhaps he’s going to be the antagonist, or the protagonist? I’m not quite sure, but I’m somewhat positive that he’s going to play a big part on the next island. What do you think the next island is going to be about? Who do you think Zaggy is? Leave your comments below!

The Next Van Gogh

Today, the Creators revealed some lovely fan art that they’ve received showing a Best Shark Contest & it’s not bad.

I’d like to thank the little people.

Not exactly a shocker that Shark Boy won. I mean, he is everyone’s favorite shark, right? During his acceptance speech, he stated “I’d like to thank the little people.” Thanks for representing us! Although, I do feel pretty bad for Hammerhead Shark. Even her fish buddy looks sad. And it also looks as if somebody needs a chill pill. You always have next year, guys.