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The Great Astronaut

This guy is a big deal, but he might be over your head.

According to the picture, Captain Gordon is somebody who is loved by everyone. Inferring by his spacesuit and people cheering for him, this guy is gonna be launched into space and could play a relatively big role in Lunar Colony. The details for the island however have not been released yet. But something tells me you have to find this dude. Either that or it’s just a person in a photograph.


Through Space and Time

Ooh, a space-themed island maybe? From the looks of today’s DailyPop entry, we might need to start putting on our helmets and zipping up our space suits some time soon! I’m guessing that we’ll probably be joining and possibly going on a mission for PASE, which means Poptropica Academy for Space Exploration. Hopefully the creators will be releasing this mysterious new island sometime in the near future!

Perchance To Dream

Seems like a picture of several Poptropicans taking a little nap .. or a long one. In reality terms, it looks like a science experiment. Maybe clones? Or someone just likes to trap some Poptropicans. But from the look of that hat (which could fit an innocent Poptropican’s head), it looks somewhat like someone could transform you. They gon’ find you.

Fire Works

*thinks of what to say about this*

This fiery mechanical dragon appeared on today’s Daily Pop Sneak Peeks. But what does this have to do with a future island?


A robot them- wait.. Steamworks..

*thinks harder*

My brain is pretty inept on predictions today, I apologize. Maybe we’ll just run into some more robots. *shrugs*

And also in the news today, I was added back to the PHB! Thanks for the support. c:

Found The Jewel

Something about this Daily Pop Sneak Peek reminds me of an Egyptian themed island we may run into in the future. What gives me that idea probably has to be the cat statue and what seems to be the head of an Egyptian emperor. However, going through the archives of the Sneak Peeks, what seems to be hinted is a space themed island which includes a parody of NASA called PASE: Poptropica Academy of Space Exploration. Not to mention the music themed island. So, we may run into some interesting and what looks to be more challenging islands in the future~!

Daily Pop! 7/2

Let’s add a little slapback delay

This looks similar to another picture on Daily Pop! It looks like this is edited. What do you think this is? The creators like to tease us. To me, the photo looks like a robot with his hands on a big computer screen. I don’t know why, but it reminds me of music. BMP = Beat per minute. A kick pad. Snare drums. A hithat is something on the drum. I’m not sure what clap has to do with it though. Maybe this island will be about music?

Crash The Ship

When I logged into Poptropica to complete Great Pumpkin Island (don’t judge me), a very interesting picture was found in the Daily Pop Sneak Peeks. It featured a skeleton dressed in a captain’s uniform sitting at a table on, what seems to be, a dismantled ship and on the bottom were crabs swimming around in the sea with boats in the background.

 However, there’s already a pirate-themed island (Skullduggery). This may have been some older background art, or you may see some more pirates in the future.