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28 medallions later…

“Wimpy Boardwalk is our 28th Island on Poptropica, and that means the challenge is on to earn all 28 Medallions. Not many Poptropicans have been able to pull it off so far, but those who have are able to show it off on their profile page.”

Well, I certainly haven’t finished all 28 islands. I recently re-made my account and I’m starting from scratch. I haven’t even completed all 28 islands on my old account! What about you? Have you completed all of the islands yet? Which one do you think was the hardest? The easiest? Leave your responses below!


They Know Around The Boardwalk

Hola, Poptropicans! With the recent release of the Summer-anticipated island, Wimpy Boardwalk, members got to experience it first hand. And the Creators exposed the first ten players who figured out the Boardwalk first. Because the island could be pretty tough to figure out independently without a guide! Just a little warning for the non-members waiting for it. And so if you hit a brick wall, you could always turn to the official LP guide! And here goes the list. Congratulations to..

1. Trusty Leopard

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Wimpy Boardwalk Guide Out Now!

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After months and months of training, I’ve finally managed to complete the guide of Poptropica’s most anticipated Summer island, Wimpy Boardwalk island. If you have membership and are stuck on something, today’s your lucky day. And if you’re one of those folks waiting until the 18th, you could study what to expect on the island when it arrives. Long story short, the island isn’t bad. You should try it (putting LegitPop on the other tab while playing it, of course)! Have fun bothering Greg! 😉

The Boardwalk Is Here!

Can’t wait to play Wimpy Boardwalk? The wait is over – for members!

Members could now play along Greg on his Summer adventure on the Wimpy Boardwalk! For now, non-members have to wait until July 18th. And while you wait, you could always check the Daily Pop Sneak Peek arrives to see what to expect on the island. A guide will be up very soon.