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Lunar Colony Coming Soon! And Wimpy Boardwalk Out For All

It’s official! There is a space island coming soon called Lunar Colony. Judging from the video, it looks like Captain Gordon’s rocket is hit by an asteroid! It seems that you will have to go up and help him get back down to Earth. All these daily pop pictures that were teasing us were right! More details will be released soon. (Sorry for the late post!)

Anyway, Wimpy Boardwalk is released to all! Head on over non members. And be sure to use LegitPop’s very own guide ūüėČ which can be found here.

Tell us in the comments what YOU think the new island will be about. Also, I personally love the music for the newer islands.


Through Space and Time

Ooh, a space-themed island maybe? From the looks of today’s DailyPop entry, we might need¬†to start putting on our helmets and zipping up our space suits some time soon! I’m guessing that we’ll probably be¬†joining and possibly going on a mission for PASE, which means Poptropica Academy for Space Exploration. Hopefully the creators will be releasing this mysterious new island sometime in the near future!

He took it all too far…

He took it all too far...

This photo was posted today, 7/2, on the PCB. The following was the caption of the photo:

“Who is Zaggy Moondust? And what’s he got to do with Poptropica? Perhaps one day we will find out.”

Zaggy looks like some sort of Rock musician – perhaps coinciding with the pictures being posted on the Daily Pop! I really think that the next island (after Wimpy Boardwalk) is going to be music-themed. Perhaps he’s going to be the antagonist, or the protagonist? I’m not quite sure, but I’m somewhat positive that he’s going to play a big part on the next island. What do you think the next island is going to be about? Who do you think Zaggy is? Leave your comments below!