These tools were provided by two Poptropica players whom goes by the aliases, ScripterKid & 64MCY. He provided a series of resources for Poptropica, which LegitPop would love to share with you.

With PopTransport, you can transport to various places in islands, such as the Museum on Nabooti Island.

PopTransport: With PopTransport, you can transport to certain places in eight islands. Unfortunately, this was compiled quite a while ago and isn’t updated anymore. But if you’d still like to try it out (and for some reason download some Windows Tools), then PopTransport is the place for you.

PopTravel: With PopTravel, you can travel to a long list of former advertisements on Poptropica. Very handy if you’d like to collect some new items or just get a taste of nostalgia. Unfortunately, the prizes you collect do not stay in your inventory very long. And just like PopTransport, it is no longer updated.

Poptropican Generator: Works much like the official Poptropica tool, Avatar Studio. Except this actually admits the .swf file of your character. Or however you put it. This is just another more simpler, alternate way to share your Poptropican.

 With the sudden disappearance of ScripterKid, we will make sure the tools he made will live on through the power of LegitPop.


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