24 Carrot Island

Something strange is happening on 24 Carrot Island. People are going missing, and the virtual world’s carrots are disappearing as well. It’s up to you to get to the bottom of the mystery and to bring the Island back to its former splendor!

Whiskers: From Main Street, go left into the Carrot Farm. There, you go left and climb up the vacant household and enter in through the chimney. Inside the house, go to the right and collect the Empty Bowl. From there, you go left, head up the fireplace and head right back to Main Street. There, go right and enter Carrot King Diner. Head over to the left and ask the waitress if she could fill up the bowl with milk. After your request is granted, head over back into the house. Once you are inside, you automatically place the milk-filled bowl on the floor. From there, you go to the right, climb up the rope and head left into the bathroom, where you turn the knobs on the bathtub and out goes a kitten. What you have to do is chase guide him to the milk. Once he does so, he will follow you. Exiting the room, go back to Main Street. There, run to right and enter Charlies Carrot Surplus Co. Inside, click the worker in the store and notify that you have found her cat. But since she can’t pay you with much, she gives you a Crowbar (which will come in handy later on).

Inside The Factory: After exiting the store, go to the right following the sign that says Factory. There, you jump on platforms due to the wall separating the sides. Arriving on the roof, collect the Vent Blueprint poking out of the nailed wood blocking the top window. Go down and land on the green pipe. Click on the lid of the pipe, giving you the opportunity to extract your handy crowbar to pry it open. When it is pried, you may enter. You are now inside the Factory Sewer. Go left and collect the Carrot Transporter. Switching from looking easy to actually being slightly tougher (at least on the first try), avoid the falling platforms. After accomplishing that, you are met face-to-face with a giant rat. To avoid it you can jump on the top platform. And when the time is right, storm over to the left like there’s no tomorrow, and then jump up. Arriving in the Engine Room, go to the left and mess with the knobs that will power up the factory. Put the 1st one in the middle, the 2nd all the way down, and the 3rd in the middle as well. Lights should light up and the machinery should be moving. Head over to the right, and jump on boxes, which will lead you to the highest platform. There, await for the giant mechanical arm which will swoop in and take you away to the open vent on the top right corner.

AdVENTure: When you’re inside the vents, use your Vent Blueprint to guide yourself through this maze. Find yourself over to the Processing Room. Almost there, you collect Wire Cutters. Then continue over to the vent opening of the Processing Room to the right. Going down, there’s no possible why getting through the security. When you get caught, you end up in The Freezer. Click on the Security System to the near right. Using the Wire Cutters, cut all three of the wires, disabling that annoying security system of theirs. Then jump on the box of carrots and the lamp, leading yourself to the vent opening. Back in the vents, use your blueprint to guide yourself to the Printing Room. There, watch out for the falling crates being admitted from the machinery. The first will admit two, while the second admits four, making the last one admit (of course) six. After accomplishing that, head down where you meet a girl with a technologically-advanced rabbit ears hat on her head. Click on her and tell her that there’s something behind her. Then, click the Power button on her hat. Thanking you, she shows you a print of a password which states: fuzzybunny . Walk over to it and collect it. Then, jumping on the machine pipes on the left, exit through the vent. Guide yourself back over to the Printing Room (now that the security is disabled), and enter. Go down, free the authorized bunny drones and head to the exit on the bottom right. However, this is a trap (since you’re not an authorized bunny clone) and you will arrive in the Smelter Room. Go to the left, head down and avoid the smashing and the saucy obstacles.  Then to the right, you head up and go to the top platform where you collect the Drone Ears. Then exit.

Defeating Dr. Hare: Arriving back in the Processing Room, put on your Drone Ears and head back over to the exit. You are now in the Rabbit Room, face-to-face with the clueless Dr. Hare himself. Click on him, and he’ll instruct you to go to the computer and take care of the launch sequence. Climbing on the Rabbot, jump over to the computer, where you meet another authorized bunny drone who you also need to shut off. Click on the lever, and you are now working the computer. For the password, type in: fuzzybunny , and for the launch command, type in: launch rabbot . The Rabbot, which contains Dr. Hare in the cockpit, will then launch into space and you’re in full control of it. Using the lever, crash the Rabbot into asteroids four times, purposely destroying it. When the Rabbot explodes, it admits the notorious Dr. Hare into space. Coping back with Poptreality, your nearby former bunny drone friend tells you to get out of there. You climb the room up and you landed back on Main Street. The scenery looks .. less depressing, the sky is blue, and construction works are working to fix up 24 Carrot Island to what it used it to be .. and the work never ends. Head over left and speak with the  Mayor, who will compliment your good work and reward you with a medallion and 50 credits.



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