Astro Knights

Launch thyself into a new online virtual world adventure on Poptropica! The princess hath been kidnapped and taken to the far reaches of space. Thou must assemble a space vessel and fly among the stars on an intergalactic quest to rescue her and save the kingdom of Arturus is the online virtual world, Astro-Knights Island.

(Note: This guide was written a few years ago for my first Poptropica blog. Hope it’s still helpful & relevant.)

Golden Coin – Go to the right to the fountain. Collect the “Golden Coin”,and go back to the Museum and use it. You should get complete access to the library. Click on any book and you should get “Library Book Slip”.

Library Book Slip– Go to the library in the royal’s destroyed home(bottom right door),and go downstairs. Click on the rolled-up paper above the plaque that says “McM”,and then go down the secret tunnel. Collect ”Moldy Cheese” and pull the lever down.

Moldy Cheese – Go to the royal’s destroyed home and go to the room on the bottom left. Use the “Moldy Cheese” and then the Mechanical Mouse will eat it. You will collect the “Mechanical Mouse”.

Coil of Rope – (Find the rope on the ladder next to Ye Olde Rumour Mille) Go on top of the royal’s home and use “Coil of Rope” on the giant arrow. Aim the arrow to the door of the princess’ tower,then go inside. Collect “Secret Message”.

Secret Message – Go inside the Olde Mille. Go to the top right and swamp secrets with the goth girl. You should have collected “Cosmic Symbols”.

Cosmic Symbols – Go to Main Street and press the symbols onto the fountain. Cresent Moon,Planet,Star,Big Sun. Enter and then talk to the last person on the right. You will collect “Small Key”.

Small Key – Go to where the Olde Mille is,and go in between the hay. Use the “Small Key” to open the sewer,go inside and collect “Mordred’s Journal” then exit.

Merlin – Release the “Mechanical Mouse” and then Merlin will eat it and start following you. Go inside Mordred’s secret room and push the tunnel of rocks out of the way and then enter the small cave. The robot will self-destruct and leave a green fuel rod. Click on Merlin and then click on the rod and he will go get it. Collect “Fuel Rod”.

Bag of Manure– (Talk to the guy in the brown robe and he’ll give you it.) Make the windmill keep turning to make the ceiling of the mill open by jumping on each wing. Enter the ceiling and use “Bag of Manure” to make the flying sauser move.

Before you do anything,get these items.

Coordinates – Get it from the queen in her home(door on top).

Missing Page from Mordred’s Journal – Get it under the bed in the museum on Main Street.

You’re good to go!

Missing Page from Mordred’s Journal – Go to the flying sauser and then land on the spaceship. Match the spinning buttons to these coordinates X-56 Y-52. Put the fuel rod into the empty stick and now click on “Launch”. It should now show a movie of you in space and then landing on “Pewter Moon”.

Pewter Moon – Go to the right and enter “AstroZone”. Talk to the guy on the left and he’ll give you permission to use the Holopad Console. Exit. Go to the left and click on the Holopad Console. Costumize your own rocket anyway you like. When your done enter it and go to any planet using the coordinates.

Jungle Planet (15,15) – Go to the bottom and find “Laser Lance”, and then go back up and then jump on the swinging platforms to the right. Climb the rope and jump on the eggs(AVOID THE ROOSTERS!) and then jump on the cage and click on it. You should now be flying on the unicorn. Avoid the bees,metal birds,and thunder clouds until Mother Phoenix comes.

How to defeat Mother Phoenix – When she opens her mouth,click down on your mouse and release a big beam. After three shots,Mother Phoenix should fall apart. The Jungle Knight should accompany you on your quest.

Fire Planet (83,20) – Jump on the flying flat rocks and avoid hitting the lava. Enter the volcano. Go through the volcano and avoid the gas that makes you go back up. Go all the way down and talk to The Fire Knight and he’ll give you Ice Arrow. Now go to the left and go defeat the dragon.

How to defeat Fire Dragon – Avoid all of the dragon’s moves. Jump on the ropes and go behind the dragon. Now,pull the lever back and the dragon should go asleep. Now click on the Ice Arrow icon and click it directly at the dragon’s mouth. When you do it three times,he should fall and be destroyed. Now,The Fire Knight should accompany you on your quest.

Destroy the Space Sharks – Go in front of a shark until it starts to follow you and guide it into the black hole in space.

Ice Planet (73,83) – Jump on the ice all the way to the right and avoid getting attacked by the robot fish and slipping off the ice. Go to the right. Climb the ice all the way up(avoid the giant snowballs) and talk to the Ice Knight and he’ll give you “Force Shield”. Then,the Tigercopter will appear.

How to defeat Tigercopter – When a snowball comes, go in front of it and then it will bounce of your shield and make sure it will hit one of the yellow circles on Tigercopter. When all three yellow circles are destroyed,Tigercopter will be destroyed as well. The Ice Knight should now accompany you on your quest.

The Crystal Gate (11,82) – Go all the way up and pull up the sword,then enter the hole. Now,go down and give your weapons to the princess(*cough* Who’s a fake *cough*). The princess will turn into Binary Bard and you’ll find out you’ve just been tricked. To catch him,you must solve the puzzle of the picture of King Mordred(*cough* Binary Bard *cough*). It will take a few tries,but for instructions,search for it on YouTube or Google. Enter,and you’ll have to defeat Binary Bard.

How to defeat Binary Bard

Merlin – When the machine drops bombs, catch it and then go up and drop them on the orb. When the machine gets mad,it will throw a laser at Merlin and that mechanical owl will be finished….for now.

You – Now you’re in control. Jump on the machine than the platform where the princess is. At one of the edges, jump on the chandelier and wait for the machine to shoot its laser. When its released jump off and the chandelier will hit the machine. When the orb falls, the tube prisoning the princess will open. Binary Bard will show up and say “The Orb is Mine!!!”, and then the princess will attack him and grab the orb.

Back at the Royal’s – The king will crown you royalty and then reward you with the medallion.


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