Game Show Island

Welcome to a future where robots rule. Building computers to compete on TV game shows seemed like a funny idea – until the machines wanted more. Now, after years of robotic dominance, Poptropica needs a savior. Are you clever enough to beat the robots at their own games, and restore the dignity of all Poptropicans?

Time To Play: Getting out from the blimp, go right and jump on the awnings of the Robo-Bling Boutique. There on the top, collect the Toolkit that appears, which will be needed for later. Go left to the Factory Exterior. Enter the Factory, jump up and push the buttons on the control panel to navigate the crane which will help you jump to different platforms. When you’re at the top, you will find that there’s a wall blocking you and the final crane control panel. Jump to the left, and click the computer. The wall is now lifted. You can now jump over to the right, and click the power box. It’s screwed shut, which is the perfect opportunity to use your toolkit. Go to your backpack, click Use on the Toolkit card, then unscrew the screws by clicking them and turning left or right in a circular motion. After that, you fixed the factory earning yourself an Electric Fan, which will also come in handy later. Out of the factory, return to Main Street and go right until you see a big, yellow robot standing in front of Club Nouveau Riche. Click on him. He instructs you to go fix the A/C inside the club.

Catching Dr. Langley: Inside, go over to the robot with an afro sitting on a purple couch, then equip your fan. Fan it off, then they’ll give you a nickel. Exit out of the club, then go back over to the Factory Exterior. On the left of the Factory, you’ll see a poor man. Use the nickel, which he will use to buy a bar of soap, and he’ll give you Heat Vision Goggles in return. Going back to Club Nouveau Riche, equip the Heat Vision Goggles. Hover over to the top, and you’ll see another human standing around in a vent. Exit out of the club, and equip your fan then breeze yourself over to the door above the club’s logo you cannot jump to if you tried. However you can’t enter due to the planks screwed to it. Use your toolkit to unscrew the planks blocking the door, then enter. Inside, you will see a man who claims you’re one of Holmes’ henchmen in a human disguise. Therefore he runs and a contraction falls blocking you from getting to him.  Jump to the top platform and push the phonograph inside the contraption that’ll eventfully fall, leading you to the man. Now go down and go to the right where the man is. The man will soon push a ball on you, breaking the floor and forcing you to the down platform. Go to the right and climb the rope, then go to the left and climb the ladder. Click the little machine near the door, and enter the password based on the body heat that are still on the buttons using your Heat Vision Goggles. The password is 2014. When you entered it correctly, you’ll be allowed access to exit.

Rebuilding Minarets: Outside the door, you’ll find yourself on top of Club Nouveau Riche with the surprised man. You ask him if he’s a greedy thief, but the man says you’ve only heard one part of the story then shows you a movie on his uPad.

Hello, friends. My name is Dr. Harold Langley. I’m speaking to you today to introduce my proudest achievement, a super computer that I’ve dubbed Holmes after the fictional sleuth who was known for his tremendous problem solving abilities. The Holmes I’ve created, however, is not a work of fiction! He’s absolutely real and capable of astounding thought and processing speed. In his infancy, Holmes delighted in learning new games; Tic Tac Toe being the first that he mastered. To put it simply, Holmes is a genius! He’s shown the true potential of our technological creations. In fact, his mind is so human-like that he amused me by bending the rules a bit. In some of the games that we’d play, though I find it endearing, i’ll have to alter this aspect of his programming in the near future. Otherwise, there’s the very slight potential that Holmes’s personality could become … mischievous! Well, enough about that. Today I’m proud to announce that Holmes will be competing in an upcoming episode of ‘Brainiacs’! Although I believe he will prove a worthy competitor, I place little value on whether Holmes wins or loses. My true intention is to use the contest as an exhibition of Holmes’s abilities. Working in partnership with Holmes and other computers that were built in his likeness, we humans can look forward to a new age of prosperity. 

He instructs you that if you could become a game show champion, you may just be the inspiration that humans need for hope. Dr. Langley soon gives you a Jet Remote Control to travel around different destinations to compete on different game shows. Your first destination is Istanbul. Go to the right and try to help the construction worker piece together a minaret on the fourth pedestal. First, drag the small turquoise part to the third pedestal. Next, drag the long orange piece to the fourth pedestal. Then put the turquoise piece on top of the orange piece on the fourth pedestal. Then drag the beige part to the third pedestal. Then put the turquoise piece to the second pedestal. Then put the long orange piece on the third pedestal. Next, put the turquoise piece to the third pedestal. Then drag the wide orange piece to the fourth pedestal. Then put the turquoise piece to the fourth pedestal. Then drag the long orange piece to the second pedestal. Put the turquoise piece to the second pedestal. Put the beige part to the fourth pedestal. The turquoise part to the third pedestal. Then put the long orange part to the fourth pedestal and top it off with the turquoise piece. You’re finished. The construction worker rewards you with a ticket to compete on Scaredy Pants.

Scaredy Pants: The first challenge is to swim, dodging the electric sea robots, grabbing the glowstick at the bottom right corner and bring it back safely. Try to be quick, but take caution. A good time would be at least around 40. The second challenge is to sort the bottom creepy crawlers to the correct boxes. Try to be fast, but watch where you’re going. The third challenge is to try to keep your balance while trying to hold a pole with ribbons within five tries. Don’t be too fast, but keep your balance – and don’t try to pick up speed as soon as you’re at the end ( that’s the same mistake i did -___- ).

Save The Prizes: Your next destination is to Miami. Go to the right and talk the gray robot with the tie that you recently spectated had an argument with a pink robot. He begs you to save the prizes that the pink robot throws among the awnings. Tilt the awnings so that the prize will fall into the robot’s arms. When you’re finished, he awards you with a ticket to the game show Spin for Riches in which he hosts himself.

Spin for Riches: On the game show, you spin letters to find words that contemplate with the riddles given. Once a certain letters are revealed, you are able to solve the riddle. The answers to some of the difficult riddles are given below.

Q:  Not a fan of Lady Gaga’s wardrobe.

A:  Her Dry-Cleaners

Q: He invented the moonwalk, not Michael Jackson!

A: Neil Armstrong

Q: George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, but not John Adams.

A: Virginians

Q: A song possibly dedicated to Darth Vader.

A: Every Breath You Take

Q: The band, not the bugs.

A: John, Paul, George and Ringo

Q: Better come inside to see these.

A: Cumulonimbus clouds

( source & more answers )

The Rings: Your next destination is Buenos Aires. Once you land, go all the way to the left until you spot a big, yellow robot. The robot is having trouble fixing the clock due to the rings on the circle. All you need to do is click the outer rings, the smaller rings, then the middle rings and you’re done. When you’re finished, the robot will reward you with a ticket to Kerplunk.

Kerplunk: On this game similar to Wipeout, you are instructed to dodge through obstacles and finish under a certain amount of time. A good time will be at least 2 minutes, because your competitors aren’t really fast. The three rounds aren’t really threatening.

Colors: Your next destination is Moscow. Go to the right and talk to the yellow robot. The air traffic controller has been damaged and they can’t remember the correct color code. Use the windows to help him remember. Change the color of a row of window to guess the code, then turn the dial to have the robot check if it seems right. First row should be left all blue. Second row, everything is yellow. Turn purple, and then orange. Then you’ll have all the colors by the fifth. The helicopter will land and talk to the robot that exited who will give you a ticket for Brainiacs.

Brainiacs: This game show is very simple. You answer questions under categories under 20 seconds. It’s very similar to Jeopardy, except it’s much easier and more entertaining. If you know your Poptropica, you’ll be fine on one subject. It’s very breezy, so calm the pressure.

Fix The Power: Your next destination is Tokyo. Once you land, talk to the BotCop. He asks you to fix the power for the game show, and all you have to do is twist the parts in each quadrant so the water could go through. Please keep in mind that not every part needs to be used. Mr. Yoshi claims that he’s in need of amusement and wants a contestant for tonight’s show. He says if you could please find the city’s favorite celebrity with their antics, then they should come to the television studio immediately. A robot recommends that you please Mr. Yoshi and give you a ticket to Mr. Yoshi’s Super Terrific Challenge.

Mr. Yoshi’s Super Terrific Challenge: On this game show, you’ll be giving three tasks to complete and if you could amuse Mr. Yoshi in each round, you win. The outfit you are given – is definitely strange but amusing. Before the clock runs out, click the blocks that reads Yoshi. Click the arrows to rotate the blocks and reveal new letters. Spell out Yoshi with the blocks and arrange them in a tower. You will now have a different costume. Now, crack the egg to escape by clicking on it before the 40 seconds are up. Then I believe you chase the bowling pins to the ground before time is up. After you win, you exit and fly to back to Main Street.

Defeating Holmes: When you return to Main Street, Holmes orders everyone to hunt your Poptropican, then you hear a whisper telling you to come here from the sewer. Jump across the roofs and enter the sewer. Down there is Dr. Langley, who tells you that Holmes has set up an advanced security system whose code he cannot crack, but maybe you could. If you could reach him, reprogram him and end the robot menace. Then upload the code he gives you to the mainframe. Dr. Langley gives you a thumb drive. Go left to the brown computer on the right, then rearrange the squares so it shows a straight line. After this, Holmes catches you and so does a cop bot. You have to quickly go to your left and solve another puzzle doing the same thing. After that, go left and go down. Go to the right and solve yet another puzzle with the same concept. Then go right and go down. Go left and solve another puzzle. Then go left and go down. Holmes, going out of wack, instructs you to stay back. Go over to the computer and use the Thumb Drive. You have know rebooted Holmes and he figures out that humans and robots could work together. Dr. Langley follows and awards you with 100 credits and with the medallion to Game Show Island. ~


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