Reality TV Island

Have you ever wanted to be the star of a reality TV show? Well, now’s your chance! Duke it out with your fellow contestants and avoid elimination to win the show’s grand prize and become a hero to your hometown in the online virtual world.

– written by DesuQueens

Tabloid: Walk left to Mike’s Market. Go all the way right, until you reach Fresh Donuts. There is a man reading a tabloid. He’ll then run off, leaving the tabloid behind. Pick it up.

Pick it up and read it. Turn the page in the tabloid and rip it out. Go back outside.

Cheap Pen: Walk left to the Motel Office. Head right, and you’ll see a jar of cheap pens. Grab one.

Telephone: Click on the telephone. Dial ”555-7383”

And call. It will be picked up, and you’ll order a small plain pizza. Then, it will ask you where you want it to be delivered. Say you want it to be delivered to Motel room 4B.

Pizza: Go outside. There’s the pizza delivery person, and they have forgotten where they were suppose to go. Take the pizza and go to room 4B. Go all the way right into the bedroom. There’s Bucky Lucas! Talk to him, and say you really want that grand prize. He’ll give you a stamp.

Application: Go into your inventory, and use the stamp. Go back outside. Go inside TV World. Jump up and click the big TV, and it will tell you where to send your application. Go back outside and go to the mailbox.

The next day:  You made it! You got onto the show. There’s a helicopter waiting up on the motel roof. Go!

The Games

Balanced Diet: Your goal is to keep your pole even and steady. Try to keep your mouse in the middle. But as more food comes, it will get harder. If your pole leans right, move your mouse to the left. If it leans left, move your mouse to the right.

Boulder Push: Just keep clicking left on your mouse, as fast as you can.

Coconut Catch: Be the first to catch 20 coconuts! Look out for bundles of 3, but watch out for bombs also

Geyser Guess: This is based on luck. Select a geyser to stand on, and hope it doesn’t blow up on you.

Hang Glider: You try to avoid birds and erupting volcanoes. Last one flying wins.

Knockout: Your goal in this game is to shoot your opponent’s plates. Pull back and release the stone to shoot. Aim for the barley broken ones. Aim halfway for the lower ones.

Mountain Race: Your goal is to be the first to get up the mountain. If a rock is flying up above, don’t jump! If a rock is rolling, jump! I usually go all the way right, because flying rocks can’t hit you. However, stand a little back to watch for rolling rocks.

On The Line: Your goal is to catch 5 fish. Click left to drop your line. Try to fish at the top of the water.

Pole Climb: Be the first to reach the top! When coconuts fall, switch poles fast! Click right or left to dodge coconuts.

Shot Put: Try to throw your rock the farthest! Aim at a 45 degree angle. For power, click when the green bar fills to the top.

Shuffleboard: During the first round, try not to get into the center. Because people in the next round can move you! You are the last one to go, so during the last round try to hit the middle! But during the first and 2nd round, get close to the target but not on the target.

Totem Hop: Be the last one standing! Totems will shake, and you must jump around. If your totem shakes, better move! Be quick.

Turtle Shell Toss: Try to shoot your coconut in turtle shells! 10 will be easier, but 20 gives you more points! Throwing at a 45 degree angle will help you score 20.

Water Run: Be the first to fill your jug with water! Try to go fast, but not too fast that you spill all your water. Watch out for the boar. When you have your water, stand on the red and white circle.


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