S.O.S. Island

When a whale-watching expedition strikes an iceberg, a pleasure cruise becomes a disaster scene. As the ship sinks deeper and deeper into the frigid waters of the North Atlantic, can you rescue everyone onboard before it’s too late?

Trouble Ahoy: Immediately after you jump out of the blimp, there’s already trouble. You see three kids on a boat crying while the captain runs up to you and begs for help. The ship soon got struck by an iceberg and is now sinking. However you can’t get inside the entrance on the ship due to the debris of ice blocking the entrance. What you’ll have to do is jump into the water, swim to the left, and jump on the boat to the top. There, you push the ball of ice which will fall and smash the ice blocking the entrance. When that happens, you’ll be able to get in.

Captain’s Quarters: All of the doors to the left are either locked or the handle is broken off. Go into the room titled “Bridge” next to “Exit”. Go up the stairs and to the right, there you will have a conversation with the captain. He informs you that he turned on the Emergency Door controls, and to open doors you turn the knob. Before you leave, turn the button pointing to the red button to the green button which will open the emergency doors. Exit, go down the stairs, turn left and enter “Room 6”.

Trapped Leg: In that room, you shall find a kid crying. Click the boxes and junk around him trapping his leg to help him get out. Simply inform him that you’re getting him off the ship, and you easily saved your first person. After returning him safely from the sinking ship, he gives you Whale Song Gadget, which sounds pretty silly right now but it’ll be useful later.

Ballroom Swimming: After you’re given the gadget, the ship takes on water and sinks deeper. You have to run to fetch more passengers. Return to Main Street and enter the ship. There, swim left ( because you’re now underwater and limited on oxygen ) and enter the room titled Ballroom. A girl in there hangs by a chandelier chanting that she cannot swim. Go right and grab a free drink at the Juice Bar down below. There you go to the right, click your drink at the bottom right corner and click and aim at the glass – then let it go. You should notice more water coming in. Then you go to the left, click your drink, aim at the glass there and smash it. There, you return to the girl’s side and push her lifeboat to the left until you reach the entrance. After that, you have rescued her safely. She thanks you, but things take a turn for the worse – the ship has turned sideways and it’s a matter of time before it’s sunk.

Where To Go Next: Get back to Main Street and return to the ship. Much more difficult to enter, jump on the scattered ice blocks, go left and jump on what seems to look like a green satellite dish. Go left, jump on the windowsills, go up and climb the hanging pole, go right, jump on the umbrellas, get on the top and enter through the gaping hole. Inside, you take some steps to the left and fall in the water. There, turn the red knob to let more water in so the boxes won’t block the vent. Enter through the vent, go up to the top. Turn the bolts so that the water will enter the crimson tube. There, contraptions will fall. Climb these, and go in the entrance on top.

Reduced Steam: In there, you go to the top right to see a girl. The only problem is that there is steam separating you. She instructs you to reduce the pressure. After she turns the valve, you’ll have to go to the other side and turn the other valve before pressure builds up. Go to the left, and turn the valve (green wheel). You should see water streaming up the tube and when it hits, the steam is reduced. You’re not done yet. She then instructs you to do the same thing with three other pipes. Go to the down right, turn the valve. Return to the top left near the green valve, and turn the valve below it. Go down and turn the beige valve. Then go up and turn the red valve below the beige valve below the green valve. Then go to the right somewhat down below the girl and turn the baby-blueish valve. When you’re done, go to the top left and click on the girl to rescue her. Rescued, she gives you Pipe Wrench which will come in handy. After that, the ship takes a nose dive and sinks even further.

Frozen In An Icecube: Return to Main Street, and climb the remaining half of the ship. Once you reach the top, you see there’s debris stuck in the hole you originally entered in. Jump inside the hole on its left. Go down and be careful of steam. Follow the platforms up to the top where you see a big ball of damaged pipes waiting for you. Push it, and keep pushing it all the way down. After that, you should see that a fan has fallen. Follow it, and push it down. Enter the entrance that’s been open. Go to the right and click the square that says Exit. There, swim up to the top and enter the vents. Climb down and enter the freezer. Click away boxes to find a man frozen in an ice cube. Push him out to the exit. Push him all the way down to the oven which will thaw him out. As soon as he’s thawed, he will thank you and you will be returned to the iceberg.

Saving The Captain: Things take a turn for the worse – the ship is now upside down and the captain is still on board. Get back to Main Street, and enter through the now easily accessible hole. Inside, swim to the left careful of coming sharks and enter through the vents. Same goes for the room you arrive in ( go to the top left and enter through the vent ), but be careful of jellyfish and steam. In the next room, you go all the way to the right, enter through the vent ( nothing new ). When you’re in that new room, go left ( watch out for the popping out fish ) then enter where it says “Go Left”. There, beware of lobsters and spark wires, you go all the way to the left, go down, go right and you find the captain. The captain tells how he fears that we won’t make it to the surface because we’re too deep. There, you see the whale swimming away. You exclaim that you wonder if the Whale Song Gadget would work. You click use on Pipe Wrench’s card and turn the knob to the gray whale. Then, the whale bursts through the pipes and traps you and the captain in his mouth. Transitioning out of the ship, the whale blows you and the captain out of its blowhole in the rescue camp. There, the captain thinks that the whale wasn’t so bad after all and rewards you with a medallion and 100 credits. Not to mention a diving suit for a bonus quest – which you could also use to play again to last longer underwater!


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    Nice job.

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    I wouldn’t mind doing some of my own walkthroughs. They can co-exist with your’s, but they will be fairly different.

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    *ninja pose*

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    I would use a similar format, but like I said they’d be quite different.

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