Shark Tooth

Shark Tooth Island is online and ready to be explored! The citizens of the virtual world Island for kids are having BIG shark trouble. Only you can save the day by discovering the many secrets of the online virtual world, Shark Tooth Island.

– written by DesuQueens


Welcome To Shark Tooth Island!

Now, when you arrive you can talk to the guy with the shark hat. He’ll give you a free shark fin! Go right and talk to the guy with coconut juice. You’ll need some of that.  Run right to Ancient Ruins. Push the block next to the tree. Jump on the block, and climb to the 2nd platform you see – but don’t go up. Then make a huge leap onto the top of the ruin. Walk right and pick up a piece of paper.  Walk right to BOOGA BAY. Talk to the guy wearing a grass skirt. You’ll need one later. Next to the guy, you’ll see a poor woman crying. Her son is stuck on an island guarded by a shark!  But we’ll get back to that later. Run back to ANCIENT RUINS.

Ancient Ruins

Now, just drop down into the water. Go left. Watch out for those pesky bats, though. Make your way up, right. If you try to go on, you will be blocked. You need to open the door – but there’s a password. Remember that sheet of paper? Spell out the word OPEN. Then push the triangle/nose. Now, you’ll arrive in a room with a big shark statue. Oh, and there’s a creepy kid dressed up as..batman?

Anyway, make your way to the other side of the shark statue. But watch out for the creepy caterpillar. Run left, and you’ll see some skulls. Pick up the bone in between the jaws. Now, make your way up the shark statue again, and jump onto the platform. Jump up to the sharp pointy thingies. Jump on the platform, but don’t touch the spikes, you’ll fall. Go left.

Drop onto the ground, and run left. Pick up the jar with the green stuff in it. Climb the vine up to MAINS STREET.

Run back to the block. Remember, the block next to the tree.. Climb your way up to the top of tree. You’ll meet this guy. Now, remember that grass skirt? Put it on. He won’t talk to you if you don’t. And yes boys, even you have to put it on. Now, he’ll make a potion. Into a coconut. Jump down and run to BOOGA BAY. Walk right, and you’ll see the cannon. It has a sign saying FEED THE SHARK…

Isn’t that a little bit dangerous? Click on it, and fire your deadly coconut. Poor shark. I’m pretty sure this is animal cruelty, but that shark was sure mean. But at least you can cross to the next island.

Talk to the old guy, and lead them back to BOOGA BAY. They will just follow you. Remember that mom that was crying? Lead her son back to her.



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  1. LS says :

    MT you know there’s a new glitch that allows you to turn from girl-boy or boy-girl in Poptropica? Lol

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