Shrink Ray

A young genius has invented a ray gun that shrinks anything it touches – including you! But when the scientist and her invention go missing, you’ll have to keep the shrink ray from falling into the wrong hands, and find a way to bring yourself back to normal size. To solve a problem this big, you’ve got to think small!

Finding CJ: As soon as you reach Main Street, you ride down a slide and land on a swing. That was .. fun, I suppose. Go over to the right and go inside the school. After entering the School Hallway, go right and move into the School Cafetorium, where the PS 101 River City Science Fair is being held. Dash to the right and meet up with CJ’s parents. Speak to the Dad and ask him if you could help with anything. Then he allows you to go check on CJ over at their apartment despite having no idea who you are. After that, leave the school (you’re back on Main Street) and go right onto Avenue A street. Head over to the second house and enter. However, when you enter her apartment, you accidentally let an orange cat in. First, chase it out of the kitchen, then chase it out of the bathroom – and it disappears (temporarily). Then, you have to find clues to where CJ has gone to. Go into CJ’s room and click the telescope next to her computer. There lies a note claiming that her invention was stolen. After you read it, out of nowhere lies a man who sneaked into CJ’s apartment with a gun in his hand. He chases you into CJ’s room and shoots you … with a Shrink Ray gun.  You are now literally shrunk.

Think Small: Go right and jump on the open drawers leading up to the top of the dresser. Then jump over to the fan and lower it, then click the button to power it off and blow away the dust bunnies. Then jump back on the drawers and jump over the wings of the fan, drop down, head under the bed and collect the Flash Drive. Then continue to the right, going over the trashcan, and tilt it over to the left. Then continue to the right. You’re now in the second half of her bedroom. Go to the right on the books and go to the top of the bookshelf. Then push the Tess’s Tree book over the shelf. After that, drop down and go right leading you to the Living Room. Then go all the way to the right, entering the Kitchen. Run right, jump on the sponge then jump on the drawer above that and collect the Screwdriver. After that, jump on the counter top and run to the right into the second half of the Kitchen.

Piece of Paper: When you arrive, your mission is to be able to catch the piece of paper on the table. Push that circle in front of you, which pushes the pot over a stove, then jump in front of its steam which carries you up to the platform with the spices and knock over a bottle which spills on the floor. Then drop down to the floor and push Whisker’s bowl where the spill is dripping. Then jump on the nearby drawers (to the left) and jump on the bag of kitten food numerous times. When it’s filled the highest it can go, push the bowl over to where the farthest chair on the right is. Then jump on it, jump on the chair, then jump on the table and receive the Piece of Paper. After you achieve the paper, a grape (that happens to be heavy) falls from the fruit bowl. Click on it, jump to the counter top on the left, and carry it with you to the first half of the Kitchen.

Remote Control: Approaching the toaster, click the socket and plug it in the outlet, then pick up the grape again. After that, jump on the toaster handle and wait until you’re catapulted up to the top platform. Push the salt over to the left handle and then you jump on the right, which catapults you over to the top of the fridge on the left. Then collect the Remote Control.

Diary Key: Then you go left, back into the Living Room. Continue left and stop in front of the toy truck. Go to your backpack and use the Screwdriver. The battery box should now open and give you a Battery. Then jump up on the car, leading you to jump on the table. And put the Battery inside the remote, and jump on the big green button. Then head over to the top of the TV, ride the antennas to get static shock, then return to the top of the TV and jump on the green balloon. When you drop from the green balloon, you’re on a window frame, then go left and push the fish food over to the left, which will feed the fish below it. Jump down, turn the Aqua Filter off, and swim down and collect the Diary Key, then swim back up.

The Trash: Continue to the right and end up back in the first half of the Kitchen. Dash over and push the sponge near the garbage can. Jump on the sponge, to the cleaning spray nearby, springing yourself inside the Garbage Can. When you arrive in the Trash, you are face-to-face with a puzzle. All you need to do is clear pathways by moving items different directions. It’s quite tricky & don’t get smashed! It took me a few times to get it, but if you’re still having trouble with it …

At the end, collect the Torn Paper. Restart, and exit out of the trashcan.

The Secret Message: Dash over to the 2nd half of CJ’s bedroom. Jump to the computer, extract the Flash Drive from your backpack, and use it. You now have to type in a password (the hint being My Hero). Type in: m4r13 cur13. It exposes an e-mail between to, with CJ saying that although he stole her invention, she could still prove that it’s hers with some blueprints. Then the content gets copied onto her laptop. Then jump up to the top platform above the computer which holds her diary. Go to your backpack and use the Diary Key to open it up. Then go back and fetch the Torn Paper which fits the Diary exactly. It shows drawings which could result in some formula, but you have to figure out the secret message. Jump from the platform to the thermostat and turn it to hot. Then go on the desk, and use the Piece of Paper under the lamp. Then you go up the lamp and jump on it, pushing it closer to the paper. After it won’t bend any farther, flip the switch on the lamp. Then, the paper reveals to find CJ in the telescope using school coordinates.

Flushing The Flash Drive: Head left, entering the first half of CJ’s bedroom. There should be flying papers from the tipped over trash can, coming from the air in the vents. Jump on the papers and land in CJ’s bed, collecting the Morse Code Key. Then head out and jump on the telescope. Enter the coordinates: X – 87, Y – 16. When you translate the morse code, she is telling you to Flush The Thumb Drive. Head to the right and enter the bathroom. Jump on the drawers, go to the left, tilt the blow dryer on and float from its air onto the shower rings. When you enter, push the soap down into the bath. Then jump on the faucet and turn the knob to release water. Then push the soap to the left so you can jump over the rubber ducky, and go left onto the toilet. Then go to your backpack and use the Flash Drive. And so, you jump on the toilet paper then to the toilet handle to flush. The mysterious man is in the house furious of why he can’t find the flash drive. Then go right, jump on then off the faucet and exit.

To Mr. Silva’s Office: After exiting through the actual bathroom, go and take the battery that was put in the TV remote back in the toy car. Then head back to the first half of CJ’s room, and jump on the telescope again and put in the coordinates once again: X – 87, Y – 16. CJ will then send you a message in morse code that reads: Thief is Mr Silva . In order to save CJ, you need to go to the 1st half of the Living Room , then jump in the toy car and go left back into the 2nd half of CJ’s room. When you reach the ramp, you do an epic jump smashing the window and breaking free from the house. There’s an entire scene where you are driving there. Just keep straight and watch out for obstacles .. you might smash into a thousand things, but it doesn’t effect the car one bit. After that scene, the car rides up a rake and stops at a window sill. Then, you arrive in Mr. Silva’s office.

The Shrink Ray: Walk over to the left, and you meet up with CJ. Then Mr. Silva sees you two before you escape, and plans to blast you with the Shrink Ray. What you have to do is find and hide behind objects before he shrinks you. However, once he shrinks the mirror, he accidently shrinks himself and gets himself trapped in a jar of ants. After that, you meet up with CJ, who tells you to flip the Shrink option to Grow on the Shrink Ray and how she has a new idea for a Science project. Back at the Science fair, CJ thanks you and then shows off her new Science project – The Incredible Shrunken Man! However, Mr. Silva takes it as a good thing, exclaiming that he’s famous. After that, you get your gold medallion and 50 credits.


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