Super Power

A giant meteor has crashed into the virtual world’s prison, freeing hardened criminals and giving them super powers. Now they are wreaking havoc on the Island. Only a true superhero can stop them and save the day.

The Files and Handcuffs: When you first arrive on the island, go into the Masks and Cape shop. (If you want a funny Superhero guide, talk to the nerd in the Comic Shop!)  Talk to the guy on the left with scissors, he will give you a Super Hero ID card. (It tells you how many villains you have defeated) Exit the shop. Now, walk left. You’ll see water. Swim all the way left until you reach a prison. Talk to the guard with the gray moustache. Click ”Tell me more about the escaped prsioners” He will give you files about each villain. Then, go left and talk to the lady in the lab coat. She’ll give you anti power handcuffs to capture the villains.

 Copycat:Walk all the way back onto land, and go all the way left until you reach a bank. There will be a man crying in front of it. Enter the bank. There is the villain, Copy Cat! There are copies of her, and you must reach all of them before the smoke gets too hard to breathe in! All you have to do is walk by her and the copies will poof. Unless you reach the last one, then you would have captured her! A newspaper will then open.

Speeding Spike: Now, walk all the way right until you reach the Subway sign. Go down. Walk right past the two police officers and you’ll see a subway train. Go inside. There’s Speeding Spike! Walk all the way right, and you’ll see him. To capture him, just jump when he gets angry. When his face goes cherry red, get ready to jump. If you it correctly, he will run into the next section. Eventually he slips on the wet spot and you capture him!

Sir Rebal: Walk all the way to City Park. (While you’re at it, talk to the guy selling Hot Dogs. You’ll need one in the future) You’ll see Sir Rebal standing on the broken statue of the old hero. He will try to throw small rocks at you first. Your goal is to get near him, but don’t let the rocks hit you. Try jumping on the stone head, and then quickly going under Sir Rebal. This will make him angrier. He will start moving the ground. Push the rock on the right to where you want to hit him. Stand by the rock. The ground will push the rock flying in the air, hitting Sir Rebal. (It might take a few tries!)

Ratman: Walk all the way back to City Park. Go into the bathroom. (If you’re a girl, go into the girls bathroom. If you’re a boy, go into the boys bathroom) Enter the hole in the bathroom. Swim all the way left until you see a reddish-brown wheel. Jump on the platform and click the wheel. Now, swim all the way right until you reach steps. Climb and click the wheel. Swim back left until you see another wheel. Click it. Swim all the way left, you’ll see a door. Enter.

Make your way up the pipes, but go right. You should see another wheel, if you went all the way up. Click the wheel. Sewer water splashes onto Ratman! But the bees fly away, and come towards you. If they touch you, you’ll get stung! Make your way to Ratman, and you have captured him!

Crusher: Head all the way right, into the Junkyard. There are 2 police officers, afraid. You will see Crusher standing on a car, stomping the ground. Make your way up to him, but you’ll see a construction crane. Climb up the crane, and click the controls. Turn magnet control off. The fridge will fall on him, but that won’t knock him out. He will throw the fridge at you, knocking you off the crane. He will get angrier. You will have to make your way up the crane again. But this time he will throw oil barrels at you. Once you get up the crane, turn magnet control on and he will be knocked out.

Betty Jetty: Here it is, your last villain! Swim right, and you’ll see a telephone booth. The phone is ringing, pick it up! Suddenly,  you’ll get flying powers. Walk right, past the bank. and you’ll see a gray building. Fly up. You’ll see Betty Jetty, and she will take off. Chase after her! Fly up high in the sky. You will be chasing her, and she will try to escape by throwing green rings at you. Dodge them to get closer to her. After you catch her, Ned Noodlehead will run into her and take all your credit for your hard work 😡 Click on Betty Jetty.

Wait.. Where’s my medallion?: Go inside the comic shop. You’ll see Ned Noodlehead. He really wants a hot dog. He will trade you the medallion for the hot dog! Trade with him. And there you go! You completed Super Power island 😛

Best friends forever!


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