Time Tangled

A malfunctioning time machine has messed up history! It’s your job to go back in time and set things right in this online virtual world. Because if you don’t, who knows what the future will hold?

Time Travel: Arriving on Main Street, go to the right and meet with a crying girl in front of Pendulum’s Lab. Click on her, and she’ll tell you that the future is in danger and tells you to come inside. Enter the lab and go to the bottom platform. Then push the plug into the switch. After that, the future machine will finally turn on and you can go inside. You’re now in the Possible Future. Run to the left and meet up with your future self. Ask him/her if they could help you repair the past. They will then give you a Time Travel Device. The story line of the island is simple from there. Click on the Time Travel Device, which will be on the bottom left of the screen, and click various historical years, find what they lost and return them.

(the following list will complete the time periods in descending order)

Climbing Goggles

  • Found: Aztec Empire (1519 AD)
  • Where/How: Warrior is wearing them in front of a temple. To receive, go over to the right, climb the temple and collect a Warrior’s Mask from a retiring warrior. Then go back to the Warrior wearing the goggles and he’ll give them to you.
  • Return: Mount Everest (1953 AD), half-way up the mountain, return to Edmund Hillary.
Statuette of Liberty
  • Found: Mount Everest (1953 AD)
  • Where/How: At the highest peak, up past Edmund.
  • Return: Statue of Liberty (1882 AD), to Frederic Auguste Bartholdi in the Gaget, Gauthier et Cie.
  • Found:  Ancient Greece (0328 BC)
  • Where/How: Jump on the statue next to the Treasury building. Then jump on the top and collect the Phonograph.
  • Return: Edison’s Workshop (1877 AD), inside the building and go to the top left platform and return to Thomas Edison.
Peace Medal
  • Found: Da Vinci’s Workshop (1516 AD)
  • Where/How: Go on the pulley system and jump on the right platform, then jump on the bottom platform and collect the Peace Medal hanging.
  • Return: Lewis and Clark (1805 AD), then give the medal to Clark.
Declaration of Independence
  • Found: Mali Empire (1387 AD)
  • Where/How: Enter the Timbuktu Inn, and speak to the document handler who will give you the document if you piece together a puzzle.
  • Return: The Graff House (1776 AD), inside go to the top right and return the document to Thomas Jefferson.
Stone Bowl
  • Found: Lewis and Clark (1805 AD)
  • Where/How: Dash over to the right and climb the tree from the branches. Wait for the gopher to pop out and collect the Stone Bowl, which he is wearing as a hat.
  • Return: Great Wall of China (1593 AD). First go to the far right and collect the Gunpowder. Then go back over and climb to the left and return the Stone Bowl to the man you meet there.
Piece of Stone
  • Found: Edison’s Workshop (1877 AD)
  • Where/How: Go to the left and jump on the bicycle, then click that circle thing on the wheel which will accelerate it back so you can climb the tree. From the tree, go over to the chimney on the far left and collect the Stone.
  • Return: Aztec Empire (1519 AD), head over to the second temple and climb up the steps. There, return it to the King.
  • Found: Statue of Liberty (1882 AD)
  • Where/How: Go over to the far right, jump on the barrel and climb up to the top of the slilts. Then go left and the Notebook should be on the 2nd ledge.
  • Return: Da Vinci’s Workshop (1516 AD), return it to Da Vinci inside of his workshop.
Salt Rocks
  • Found: The Graff House (1776 AD)
  • Where/How: Climb the tree, then jump to the roof and collect them.
  • Return: Mali Empire (1387 AD), go to the top building on the left and return it to the man with the white turban and the blue .. dress.
Thor’s Amulet
  • Found: Great Wall of China (1593 AD)
  • Where/How: Go up pass the construction site and see a man wearing the amulet on the right side. Talk to him, and he will challenge you a “remember where the card is” mix-up game. If you guess the card correctly, he will give you the amulet.
  • Return: Vikings (0831 AD), go to the right and give the amulet to Thor.
Golden Vase
  • Found: Vikings (0831 AD)
  • Where/How: Travel up to the top of the rock until you reach the entrance that’s blocked by rocks. Extract the Gunpowder from your backpack and enter through the cave. You only have 30 seconds until the torch blows out. But don’t rush, because there would be another torch waiting for you near the Golden Vase. Just make sure you go to the top right, go down, jump on the platforms (don’t touch the water) across and then grab the torch and collect the Golden Vase.
  • Return: Ancient Greece (0328 BC), go and return it to the man in the golden armor.
The Future: When you’ve fixed all of the time periods, return back to the lab. Then push the plug back in the socket again and go back inside the time machine. You’re in the future. Go to your future SkyHome by using the monorails and the tubes. When you’re in the house, go to the right and your future self will give you your medallion.

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