Wimpy Boardwalk

It’s summertime, but the living ain’t easy for a wimpy kid. When Greg and Rowley visit the boardwalk for a relaxing beach vacation, they never expect to run afoul of thieving teens, ravenous seagulls, and crooked carnies. Only you can clean up Greg’s mess before vacation ends!

The $20 Mission Begins: When you arrive on Main Street, Greg loses his dollar bill in the wind and it lands in the hands of some afar, juvenile teenagers.

The Bag of Popcorn: After Greg chases after him, go over to the left to the Boardwalk Rides. There, jump on the rides on the Cranium Shaker and receive the trash lid. Then go over to the left, put it on the trashcan and push it to the right in front of the Cotton Candy machine. Then click on the lid to go through it. Move the trash out of the way and collect the Bag of Popcorn. Then go over to the left and click on the Popcorn Machine to fill it. While you’re there, collect tokens (going in and out of the Funhouse and searching around helps).  Then you go right, past Boardwalk Arcade and onto The Beach. Click on the guy handling the Souvenir Keychain Photos and tell him that you don’t have any money. He tells you that you seem nice and gives you Sunblock. Then go over to the far right at the edge of the beach, go in your backpack and use the Sunblock. The Sunblock will be given to the man laying in the sand with the pinkish hue, and in return he will give you the Oily Suntan Lotion. Then go over to the left in front of the lady laying on the purple and white striped blanket. Go into your backpack and dump the Bag of Popcorn. A flock of birds will come eating the popcorn, scaring the woman off.

Helping Those In Need: Go back over to the Boardwalk Arcade where you find the $20 being slithered through the planks by the teenagers under the boardwalk. But go back to The Beach, and try to catch the seagull with an item at its feet. When you retrieve it, you have a Keychain Picture. Go to your backpack and use the Keychain Picture near the man with the metal detector. After returning it to him, you’ve collected the Metal Detector. Head over to the purple and white striped blanket where that seagull-fearing woman once laid and use the Metal Detector. Hovering over the blanket, you detect some Car Keys. Collect them then head back up to the Boardwalk Rides. Over to the far left, you see a worried mother with a child. Use the Car Keys from your backpack and in return, the mother gives you Flip Flops. After collecting the Flip Flops, head over to the Boardwalk Arcade, equip the Flip Flops, then jump from the trashcan near Greg and jump on the Tee Times ceiling and collect the Flying Disc. Then jump down, and use the Flying Disc, which will be given to a crying child. The child then gives you advice saying that you could get a free prize from jiggling the handle on a nearby out-of-order game.

Bothering Rowley: Go over to the left, click on the Volcano Claw, and try to collect the Fake Vomit found inside the machine. After that, go back over to the Boardwalk Rides. Go left in front of the Bumper Cars and use the Fake Vomit. After most of people run away, click on the guy in charge of the rides and he’ll tell you that it’s your turn to ride. What you have to do in the Bumper Cars is smash into Rowley’s red car until he drops the Lucky Rabbit’s Foot, but you must collect it before time goes out. Then go over and complete all the games on Main Street, which will give you the Jumbo Prize. Then go over to the kid at the Boardwalk Rides next to the Cranium Shaker sign and use the Jumbo Prize. In return, he will give you the Remote Controlled Helicopter. Then go over to the left and enter the Funhouse. Jump onto the plank ladder which leads up the ladder and use the Oily Suntan Lotion to slither Rowley out of a tight slide. But when he slides down, he lands into a pool of balls in which Fregley seemed to be drowned in. Fregley’s mom will thank you and reward you with Fish Sticks.

Getting Back The $20: Go over to The Beach and go at the edge of the sand and use the Fish Sticks. However, you think that you could hang it from the Helicopter and use it as bait. Then the two items collide. Use the Helicopter in your backpack and hold it over the ocean, a crab will soon cling onto it. Then go back over to the Boardwalk Arcade and use the Helicopter near the $20 bill. The crab will then cling onto the dollar bill, preventing the teenagers from below the boardwalk to snatch the bill away. While they’re distracted by the dollar bill, you and Greg then go under the boardwalk to finally get your money back. When you arrive, the teenagers run away but Greg gets his dollar bill back. And for helping him out, you receive the island medallion and 50 credits.



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