Perchance To Dream

Seems like a picture of several Poptropicans taking a little nap .. or a long one. In reality terms, it looks like a science experiment. Maybe clones? Or someone just likes to trap some Poptropicans. But from the look of that hat (which could fit an innocent Poptropican’s head), it looks somewhat like someone could transform you. They gon’ find you.


They Know Around The Boardwalk

Hola, Poptropicans! With the recent release of the Summer-anticipated island, Wimpy Boardwalk, members got to experience it first hand. And the Creators exposed the first ten players who figured out the Boardwalk first. Because the island could be pretty tough to figure out independently without a guide! Just a little warning for the non-members waiting for it. And so if you hit a brick wall, you could always turn to the official LP guide! And here goes the list. Congratulations to..

1. Trusty Leopard

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Wimpy Boardwalk Guide Out Now!

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After months and months of training, I’ve finally managed to complete the guide of Poptropica’s most anticipated Summer island, Wimpy Boardwalk island. If you have membership and are stuck on something, today’s your lucky day. And if you’re one of those folks waiting until the 18th, you could study what to expect on the island when it arrives. Long story short, the island isn’t bad. You should try it (putting LegitPop on the other tab while playing it, of course)! Have fun bothering Greg! 😉

Fire Works

*thinks of what to say about this*

This fiery mechanical dragon appeared on today’s Daily Pop Sneak Peeks. But what does this have to do with a future island?


A robot them- wait.. Steamworks..

*thinks harder*

My brain is pretty inept on predictions today, I apologize. Maybe we’ll just run into some more robots. *shrugs*

And also in the news today, I was added back to the PHB! Thanks for the support. c:

Reminisce The Memories

Something about our Poptropica photos was discovered today. We could view every single one! Formerly, you could few only some photos from each page, but that is no longer relevant. Hopefully, this change is a permanent one. Because it’s pretty cool looking back at your adventures completing Poptropica’s numerous islands.

And also, Happy Independence Day, Americans!

Found The Jewel

Something about this Daily Pop Sneak Peek reminds me of an Egyptian themed island we may run into in the future. What gives me that idea probably has to be the cat statue and what seems to be the head of an Egyptian emperor. However, going through the archives of the Sneak Peeks, what seems to be hinted is a space themed island which includes a parody of NASA called PASE: Poptropica Academy of Space Exploration. Not to mention the music themed island. So, we may run into some interesting and what looks to be more challenging islands in the future~!

The Boardwalk Is Here!

Can’t wait to play Wimpy Boardwalk? The wait is over – for members!

Members could now play along Greg on his Summer adventure on the Wimpy Boardwalk! For now, non-members have to wait until July 18th. And while you wait, you could always check the Daily Pop Sneak Peek arrives to see what to expect on the island. A guide will be up very soon.